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Yermolenko Volodymyr

Period of stay: October-November 2021

Evaluation sheet for departing Fellows

  1. What would you consider to be the major benefits of your stay at IWM?

Freedom of work; unique conditions for a calm and focused research work; wonderful community of fellows and staff which provides an incredibly intellectual and emotional impetus for work and reflection; fantastic library; opportunities to get books from other libraries; flexibility of using the office; comfortable stipend allowing fellows to live not only by themselves but with their families (like I did).

  1. Was the event programme of the IWM attractive and interesting for you?

Yes, I tried to participate in as many events and colloquia as a could. As I am extremely curious person, all of them gave me a very good food for thought) And all this despite the limitations of the pandemic situation. I also liked the interdisciplinary nature of IWM, where you can meet people from so different fields of study and interest.

  1. Do you have any criticisms of any aspect of the Institute’s program and operations?
    Please include any suggestions for improvement.

No criticism, I would just love to stay here longer)).

  1. Is there anything else you would like to let us know regarding your stay at the IWM?

Maybe closer cooperation with the CEU after the university has moved to Vienna.

Final Report sheet for departing Fellows

As mentioned in the “Terms of Award” agreement, we would kindly ask you to submit your final report on your activities, travels, talks and accomplishments during your research stay. Please be as specific and concise as possible!

In particular, we may ask you to list books or essays that have been written or worked on at the IWM, that have either been published or accepted for publication or that you wish to submit for publication. Describe briefly the nature of the work and give names of publishers or publications, dates and other relevant facts.

We would be very grateful if you could provide us with a copy of your publication(s) for our library or, if this is not possible, contact our librarian with the publication details. We would also like to ask you to list any prizes or awards you have received or will receive, as well as any scholarships and grants you have received or will receive.


  1. Talks:
  • Ukraine and the Borders of Europe – IWM, Fellows colloquium, Vienna, 8 November 2021, in English
  • Ukraine: 30 years of independence – Barbareum (Ukrainian community co-working), Vienna, 10 November 2021, in Ukrainian
  • Ukraine and Europe – Berlin, 12 November, 2021, conversation with Rory Finnin (Cambridge) and Marie-Luise Beck (Zentrum fuer Liberale Moderne), within the event UKRAINE 30. 30 Jahre Unabhängigkeit: Erinnerung und Gegenwart organized by Bundeszentrale fuer politische Bildung, in English
  • Moderation of “Historical Talk” around Yaroslav Hrytsak’s book “Overcoming the past: Global History of Ukraine” (in Ukrainian), Kyiv, 20 November, 2021.
  1. Essays
  1. Books
  • Finalizing book Eros and Psyche: Love and Culture in Europe (in Ukrainian) to be published in 2022 by Vydavnytstvo Staroho Leva (Lviv, Ukraine), in Ukrainian
  • Started book Ukraine and the Borders of Europe, in English/Ukrainian
  • Overviewed audiobook Daleki Blyzki published by MEGOGO, on the basis of my paper book published in 2015
  1. Manuals
  • Drafted a media literacy manual (10 rules to avoid information manipulations), in Ukrainian, to be published in December.
  1. Podcasts
  • Launched a new series Ukrainskyi Kult, conversations about Ukrainian culture, co-authored with Tetyana Ogarkova, a joint project of Kult:Podcast and Suspilne (Ukrainian Public Broadcaster), in Ukrainian
  • Published 5 episodes of “5 talks about philosophy”, a series by Kult:Podcast, with philosopher Vakhtang Kebuladze, in Ukrainian
  • Recorded and published 2 episodes of “Explaining Ukraine” podcast, by UkraineWorld.org (in English), and recorded 1 episode (with Katherine Younger) to be published in December, in English
  1. Other
  • Filmed for a promo movie of the European Union Visitors’ Programme (EUVP), as EUVP’s former participant