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Michailowski, Alexander

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Period of stay: February 2015

Evaluation sheet for Guests of the IWM

  1. What would you consider to be the major benefits of your stay at IWM?

The IWM as non-university institution provided me with excellent opportunities to concentrate on my research. The international and interdisciplinary community of fellows has offered me its expertise and help in elaborating and extending my research projects at the IWM. Besides, during my stay at the institute I established new contacts with international and Russian scholars.

  1. Was the event programme of the IWM attractive and interesting for you?Yes, thanks to the rich event programme of the IWM

I could gain many valuable insights into the intellectual history of Eastern Europe and modern debates on democracy.

  1. Do you have any criticisms of any aspect of the Institute’s program and operations? 

I think that the Institute’s program is a well-balanced one. But as far as seminars and lectures are concerned I would propose to present on the web-page short accounts (summaries) of discussions and some photos of events which already took place. It would be a very useful thing both for those who have participated in discussions and put their questions and for those who couldn’t participate but are still interested in the outcomes of the respective event.

  1. Please provide a brief report on your activities and what you have accomplished during your research stay.

During my stay at the IWM I was working on two projects. The first one was “Uncovering Vladimir Bibikhin’s Work for Western Philosophy”. Within the frame of the project I

have worked together with the visiting fellow Vera Ammer who has translated Bibikhin’s philosophical Essays “Drugoe Nachalo” (“The Other Beginning“, 2004) devoted to controversial issues of contemporary history of Russia. My task was to revise the German translation and write a commentary and introduction to the planned German edition. Two articles from the book (“Der andere Anfang” and “Für den Dienstgebrauch”) were presented and discussed on Monday 23rd February 2015 in the Fellows‘ Seminar “Phänomenologie und Religion in der Sowjetunion Leben und Werk Vladimir V. Bibikhins (1938 – 2004)”. The second project related to the first one was dealing with the “Russian Nationalism in the Late Soviet Union and its Critics”. I have presented preliminary outcomes from the project in my RIGD lecture on Thursday, 5th March 2015.