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Kenarov Dimiter

Period of stay:

Evaluation sheet for departing Fellows

  1. What would you consider to be the major benefits of your stay at IWM?

One of the major benefits is the time and space to work intensively on a personal project. Just as important, however, is the community of scholars at IWM and the possibility to meet people from various fields who have different academic interests.  The discussions were intellectually stimulating and gave me a lot of ideas regarding my own work. I also made a lot of friends, a whole new network of scholars from all over the world, with some of whom I hope to keep in touch in the future.

  1. Was the event programme of the IWM attractive and interesting for you?

Yes, the IWM event program was very interesting, although I couldn’t participate in all events, as I had to dedicate time to my own work. The more informal gatherings/discussions in the library space were, in my opinion, the most productive and inspiring.

  1. Do you have any criticisms of any aspect of the Institute’s program and operations?
    Please include any suggestions for improvement.

I have no praticular criticisms. The pandemic limited a lot of the activities I would have liked to participate in, but this was beyond IWM’s control.

  1. Is there anything else you would like to let us know regarding your stay at the IWM?

I found my time at IWM and Vienna wonderful and I’m very grateful for being given the opportunity to be part of the program. I would definitely encourage other people to apply. Thank you once again!

Final Report sheet for departing Fellows

As mentioned in the “Terms of Award” agreement, we would kindly ask you to submit your final report on your activities, travels, talks and accomplishments during your research stay. Please be as specific and concise as possible!

In particular, we may ask you to list books or essays that have been written or worked on at the IWM, that have either been published or accepted for publication or that you wish to submit for publication. Describe briefly the nature of the work and give names of publishers or publications, dates and other relevant facts.

We would be very grateful if you could provide us with a copy of your publication(s) for our library or, if this is not possible, contact our librarian with the publication details. We would also like to ask you to list any prizes or awards you have received or will receive, as well as any scholarships and grants you have received or will receive.


My three-month stay at IWM was very pleasant and effective, despite the pandemic restrictions. I worked intensively on my biographical book about the Bulgarian writer and dissident Georgi Markov, which is supposed to come out in 2023 from the US publisher Grove/Atlantic. It was a real help to be able to have the time to focus on the writing, without too many distractions. I’m grateful to IWM for giving me the opportunity to work on my project.

In addition to my work on the book, I taught online several classes in environmental writing for a Bulgarian-American organization, The Elizabeth Kostova Foundation. I also worked on an essay about the throny question of fiction vs non-fiction, which was recently published in the online magazine Taxis. Here is a link: https://taxismag.com/riding-in-the-passenger-seat-273ed52e966d

I also published an essay on Georgi Markov in the IWM bulletin: https://www.iwm.at/publication/iwmpost-article/the-dangers-of-the-everyday

I also participated in the IWM fellow colloquim together with the journalist Pawel Pieniazek. My commetator was Soli Ozel. https://www.iwm.at/event/the-one-that-got-away-everyday-life-during-armed-conflicts

It was a real pleasure and privilage to be part of the IWM program.