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Benedikt Gloria

Period of stay: 1.7.-30.9.2021

Evaluation sheet for departing Fellows

  1. What would you consider to be the major benefits of your stay at IWM?

Time and space to pursue research while living in an intellectually stimulating and academically diverse environment.
The possibility to discuss ideas over lunch (which was always excellent).
Growing my network for potential future collaborations.
Learning about fellow fellows’ work..

  1. Was the event programme of the IWM attractive and interesting for you?


  1. Do you have any criticisms of any aspect of the Institute’s program and operations?
    Please include any suggestions for improvement.

No. IWM has a wonderful team.

  1. Is there anything else you would like to let us know regarding your stay at the IWM?

A few fellows asked me about exercising possibilities in Vienna; this tends to be tricky for fellows who are here for a short period of time. I recommended My Clubs; which enables people to access a variety of sports clubs, yoga studios, etc, and can be used on a monthly basis with no registration fee, etc. so ideal for short-term residents. They thought it would be useful to include this in your practical information for visiting fellows.

Final Report sheet for departing Fellows

As mentioned in the “Terms of Award” agreement, we would kindly ask you to submit your final report on your activities, travels, talks and accomplishments during your research stay. Please be as specific and concise as possible!

In particular, we may ask you to list books or essays that have been written or worked on at the IWM, that have either been published or accepted for publication or that you wish to submit for publication. Describe briefly the nature of the work and give names of publishers or publications, dates and other relevant facts.

We would be very grateful if you could provide us with a copy of your publication(s) for our library or, if this is not possible, contact our librarian with the publication details. We would also like to ask you to list any prizes or awards you have received or will receive, as well as any scholarships and grants you have received or will receive.



I. Lecture

Title: 21st Century approaches to Cultural Diplomacy: The Multilateral Sphere and Science Diplomacy through Art
Date: August 25th
Occasion: School of Modern Diplomacy, co-organized by the United Nations University and the Diplomatic Academy Vienna
Further info: https://cris.unu.edu/schoolofmoderndiplomacy

II. Premiere: Breath

Premiere of an interdisciplinary multimedia performance at the European Forum Alpbach on August 26th; screening of the recording and discussion at the IWM on September 20th;
Further information:
A summary video can be made available for the IWM you-tube channel.

III. Narrating the Future

Discussion with Thomas Seifert (deputy editor in chief of the Wiener Zeitung) on
August 30th at the European Forum Alpbach
Further information:
The session was recorded from the IWM library and can be made available.


Finalist for Falling Walls Science Breakthrough of the Year in Art and Science
(announced July 20th, 2021)
Further information: https://falling-walls.com/breakthroughyear/finalists-2021/


An essay that incorporates research done during my time at the IWM will be published in the book: Für eine neue Agenda der Kulturpolitik
Deadline October 31st; publication: spring 2022 by De Gruyter