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Antoniadis Nikolai

Period of stay: November 1st, 2020 to January 31st, 2021

Evaluation sheet for departing Fellows

  1. What would you consider to be the major benefits of your stay at IWM?

The exchange, discourse and feedback, both formal and informal, amongst fellows.
Time to concentrate and work on one single project without interference of day-to-day business.
(and theoretically, being in Vienna which is more or less the European centre of Albanology and therefore a natural point of reference regarding my project)

  1. Was the event programme of the IWM attractive and interesting for you?

Absolutely. Good mix, in-depth, original perspectives.

  1. Do you have any criticisms of any aspect of the Institute’s program and operations?
    Please include any suggestions for improvement.

While, generally speaking, there is always room for improvement, there is nothing specific that comes to my mind.

  1. Is there anything else you would like to let us know regarding your stay at the IWM?

Since the lockdown began on the day of my arrival and was not being lifted before I left, my stay was kind of an exceptional situation, with lots of improvisation, research restrictions both inside and outside the Institute, and no real way to work around it. But given the circumstances, the Institute’s staff and fellows did everything to make my stay as productive and comfortable as possible.

Final Report sheet for departing Fellows

As mentioned in the “Terms of Award” agreement, we would kindly ask you to submit your final report on your activities, travels, talks and accomplishments during your research stay. Please be as specific and concise as possible!

In particular, we may ask you to list books or essays that have been written or worked on at the IWM, that have either been published or accepted for publication or that you wish to submit for publication. Describe briefly the nature of the work and give names of publishers or publications, dates and other relevant facts.

We would be very grateful if you could provide us with a copy of your publication(s) for our library or, if this is not possible, contact our librarian with the publication details. We would also like to ask you to list any prizes or awards you have received or will receive, as well as any scholarships and grants you have received or will receive.

Due to the overall situation I focused on “office work”, basically

  • finalizing concept and structure of the book
  • translating primary source material I collected during my research trip to Albania Sep-Oct 2020 like letters, memoirs, interviews, audio files etc. etc., and
  • preparing historical contextualization of the letters

Although I already have a publishing option by the Corso Verlag, Wiesbaden, I am evaluating other options since the final concept of the book needs an academic lectorate for the historical part which Corso does not provide. These other options include the SPIEGEL-Verlag which is basically a label used for a cooperation with the Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt (DAV) and its various publishing companies. A final decision is still pending.

Publication dates for the German book market usually use the two major book fares as a general reference, i.e. Frankfurt (October) and Leipzig (March). A publication in October 2021 would make it necessary to submit the manuscript by June 2021 – which is unrealistic. Therefore, a date for completion of the book is set for mid-2022. Until then, there is enough time for the second research trip to Albania and acquisition of further funding.

The work will be accompanied by journalistic work, like choosing specific aspects with actual relevance.